The Show

From Sweden is a podcast about the people of Sweden.

He must be from SwedenI have no statistics to back it up, but it seems to me that Swedes and Sweden are in the news a lot, considering their lack of general importance to the world (just kidding).

Maybe it’s the Abba, H&M, Minecraft, Spotify, Skype, Ikea, Millennium trilogoy, Volvo, Swedish porn thing that gets people excited about the country. Or maybe it’s just that people love arguably the best candy ever produced — Swedish fish.

In this From Sweden podcast I try to find and interview the Swedes that are doing stuff.

Swedish strawberriesI like S’s, Always Have

So, the themes of all of the interviews on “From Sweden” all start with an S.

Sounds: Interviews with Swedish musicians

Sales: Interviews with Swedish business innovators

Screen: Interviews with film and TV folks from Sweden.

Sense: Interviews with Swedish thinkers

Sex: Interviews about sex and gender in Sweden

This is a picture from Sweden. It's ÅreSociety: Interviews with experts about Swedish society.

Sport: Interviews with people involved with Swedish sports.

Stage: Interviews with comedians and stage actors.

State: Interviews with swedish politicians and political scientists.

This photo of Näset, from Sweden, in the south of the country.Stories: Interviews with Swedish authors.

Succulent: Interviews with Swedes involved with Swedish food or food in Sweden.

Strokes: Interviews with Swedish artists

Swedes: Interviews with normal Swedes