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Gabriel STeinMy Swedish name is Gabriel Stein. My American name is Gabe. And my family name is Gobzee or Gobz.

Here’s something my parents never warned me about. When you go to Guatemala to study Spanish and backpack, you can fall in love with a Swedish woman.


You might just find yourself owning a Volvo station wagon…and driving it in lots of snow.


Swedish village
And living in a Swedish village that used to be a herring market.
Swedish caviar
And eating Swedish caviar out of a tube.
rasigin kids in Sweden
And raising three half-Swedish kids who only speak English to you if you threaten to take away their Swedish candy.

I’m a Swedish love refugee, an American journalist who has lived in Sweden since 2004. I’ve worked in journalism and communications for years. I especially love radio.

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Twitter: @gobzee